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Raven's 2
Cognitive Screener
Nonverbal assessment of general cognitive abilities

The Raven's 2 is a nonverbal assessment of general cognitive ability, including the ability to formulate new concepts when faced with novel information, extract meaning out of confusion or ambiguity, and think clearly about complex situations and events.

The Raven’s 2 is designed to quickly and accurately estimate an individual’s general cognitive ability, it provides screening information that is useful for determining the need for more comprehensive testing.

The Raven’s 2 is appropriate for a number of purposes including:

  • Obtaining estimates of general cognitive ability rapidly and efficiently

  • Screening to determine if an in-depth evaluation is necessary (e.g., learning disability, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder; intellectual disability; or giftedness)

A Raven’s 2 Cognitive Screener would be a valuable addition to all assessments on offer.

Service fee for Raven'2 Assessment
Raven's 2
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