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Executive Function/Attention Scales
A set of rating scales designed to assess overall executive functioning and attention skills

Brown's Executive Functioning and Attention Scales

The Brown Executive Function/Attention Scales™ (Brown EF/A Scales™) are a set of rating scales designed to evaluate executive functions related to attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in individuals.  The Browns EF/A Scales consist of Parent, Teacher, and Self-Report forms that cover multiple age levels. The Browns scales provide an easily understandable, standardized tool to collect information about the problems an individual demonstrates or reports with executive functions, the self-management functions that support attention in multiple tasks of daily life.

Results are compared with norms to indicate how any reported problems over the past 6 months (or since the assessment was last administered) compare to other people of similar age. The diagram below shows the six clusters of executive function assessed by the Brown EF/A Scales that are often impaired in ADHD.

Executive functions

The Brown EF/A Scales are designed to be completed by various respondents who have knowledge about the daily behaviours of an individual and who have had extended and frequent opportunities to observe the individuals responses to environmental demands, Parent, Teacher, and Self-Report. These scores provide a global measure of the severity of executive function problems. 

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Brown's Executive Functioning and Attention Scales
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