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About Us

The Social Learning Collective specialises in providing high-quality services to increase the social and emotional skills and learning outcomes of children and young people. Our team is dedicated to helping children develop the essential skills they need to succeed in life. We offer a range of services designed to meet the unique needs of every child, as we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential. 

The Team

Meet the team


Lauren is an accomplished educator with extensive experience as leader in the field of education. With a background in psychology, Lauren has a deep understanding of the social and emotional competencies that children require to develop positive relationships, manage big emotions and problem solve the complexities of social interactions. Her experience spans across primary schools, secondary schools, and both private and public institutions, both locally and internationally. Lauren has a Bachelor of Education from The University of Ballarat, a Bachelor of Psychological Science from Deakin University and a Certificate in Child and Adolescent Counselling from Monash University.

Lauren Martin

Director/SAS® Facilitator

PEERS® Accredited Facilitator

 (B.Ed., BPsySc)


Amanda is a passionate educator with 20+ years of teaching experience. She is dedicated to working with children and adolescents with additional learning and social and emotional needs. She has taught both primary and secondary aged children and has worked in the public and independent education systems in Australia and abroad. As a Special Education Teacher Amanda is passionate about inclusion and is dedicated to helping young people reach their full potential. Amanda is skilled in administering educational assessments and writing comprehensive reports that include evidence-based recommendations and  reasonable adjustments to support young people at school. Amanda has a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Learning Intervention.

Amanda Showler

Director/SAS® Facilitator

Certified Facilitator LEGO® Based Therapy

Education Consultant

(B.Ed., MC-LI) 


Rachelle has 30+ years experience as an educator and is also a trainer in social and emotional learning, she has experience working in the classroom setting with neurodiverse children who may present with anxiety, emotion regulation difficulties, friendship and social challenges, learning issues and intellectual disabilities. Rachelle’s true passion is working with children and their families to best support a child’s social and emotional development. She provides a warm and empathetic approach, helping children understand that every emotion is okay but not every behaviour is okay. Rachelle has a Diploma of Education, Graduate Diploma in Special Education and has completed Level 1: Applied Counselling Psychology. 

Rachelle Fisher

SAS® Facilitator

(GradDipEd, GradDipSpecialEd,

L1: Applied Counselling Psychology)

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